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Mobile first design

More than half of your customers are browsing the internet via their smart phone. All of us know how dissapointing and pesky it is to browse through a scrappy and loose website from a little screen.

In case your website isn’t smart phone friendly that is it’s structure doesn’t align to different sized displays it ruins user experience significantly. Sadly this effects your reputation which is absolutely essential to have a succesful business.

We beleive in that nowadays a website must look perfect on all possible displays. While everyone else on the market charges you a seperate fee for mobile optimization, our price already contains this feature.

Google friendly site

“I will check out the second page of google because I’m interested of those who could only make it there” /no one ever/

Google constantly develops it’s search engines algorythm, so the popular SEO methods from a few years ago don’t always seem to be effective.

Those who claim to get you on the first place of google's search results is simply taking on a mission which is impossible.

What we promise you: during the process of developing your website if requested we can create a marketing strategy suited for your business. If followed accordingly you can achieve significant improvement in this field. Thanks to our Adwords specialists your success with Google ads is guaranteed.

Less than a month

We know that time is essential to everybody. Sometimes it occurs that there is no time to plan in advance, or that changes have to be made in the last second.

In case you are in a rush we can handle your project with top priority, so you will have a functioning landing page in less than 2 weeks time. During the next 2 weeks your fully functional website will be delivered to you.

Since we are economists ourselves and understand the basics of how to make good business, after thorough brief we take the burden off your shoulders. You just have to enjoy your new website and present it to your clients and business partners.

Get familiar with your audience

A fully functional website is more than just aesthetics. With proper communication and marketing plan we can conduct our own market research. In some cases this way we can save huge amounts of money , but in any case it is useful in all times.

Thanks to Google’s services you can classify your users by age, gender and geographical location to analyze their activity and time spent on certain parts of your website.

Our products are built in the spirit that our partners can have the most benefit from them, we handle your website as your long term investment in your business.


About us

In the middle of 2015 we were discussing our plans as friends close to graduation. We worked together on several creative projects and events as a result we got to know each other. Very soon we realized that as a team we can achieve more, so we started our own business. The profile of our company was determined by our strengths and goals. Website developing is a great base to start our business as we continuously extend our available services.

Through our entrepreneur friends we experienced that most of the time small and medium sized businesses think that having a proper website is complicated and expensive. In our world after a certain level of business nobody can allow to be absent from the internet, not to mention to have a lashed-together website. Our goal is to help you have a proper presence on the internet. We operate with fair prices, handle our customers buoyantly and always give personalized offers. Don’t let your efforts put into your business to go in vain! Gives a minute and request a quotation!

Békési Gergely

Founder, IT developer

"They say it’s impossible, I say let’s do it"

"The devil is not sympathic neither, still, we like it better being evil than singing lullabies. People are devoted to their illusions. "

Trapacs Szabolcs

Founder, Sales manager

"If I said it’ll be ready in a week, it’ll be ready in sharply 7 days."

"We have the ability to redesign the world with our minds, then make the idea a reality through our actions."

Paholcsek Bálint

Copywriter, Designer

"Is there a best or prettiest of anything? I don’t think so. But it’s worth a try"

"Thinking is - he said - to see the observable that makes you see those thing which you haven’t seen before, and so you’ll be able to see the unseeable."